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      The U.S. Guardians website is being offered as a resource to those who are interested in learning more about our history and Constitution as well as government, politics, current issues and the elected officials whose job it is to represent the interests of the American people.
      It seems that about six years ago a number of people began to notice things in the news that were becoming more disturbing on a personal level than the occasional sensationalized story that for most people didn't necessarily hit home. 
     It began with the "housing crisis" toward the end of 2007 and by spring of 2008 during the Presidential primaries had a number of people in a panic with the housing market's bubble "beginning to busrt.  By September it seemed that all of a sudden it was like the children's story of "Henny Penny and the sky is falling, the sky is falling" when we had to bail out the banks or the whole countries financial system was going to implode!  More people were joining the ranks of becoming more aware and more disturbed about what was going on with the economy and wanting to know what role our government was playing in this increasing crisis but more importantly what they were going to do about it. 
     It began to feel like "crisis central" and one by one came another and another with the car company bailouts, the TARP and the TALF (which most people never even heard about until much later).  Then after electing a President in the November 2008 election who was not well known to a great number of the American people and for the most part had little experience just having been elected to the U.S. Senate Stimulus and the Omnibus in 2009 with a new president and on and on since then. 
     Over the last four years we have continued to hear about the out of control spending that our government has engaged in.  Coupled with all of the money that we've spent, loaned, given away, not been paid back or forgiven, fought wars and rebuilt other countries is this what has led us to what could shortly become our financial demise?
   Looking back now I realize that what we have been missing is the two major components that would have helped the American people to better understand what was happening to our country financially.  Those two components were truth and knowledge.
     As each of these financial crisis began to unfold I realized that we as American citizens weren't getting the whole story, especially the "why" that it was happening and the "who" that was responsible for it happening.  I became tired of the same old, after the fact, partial information, pasteurized versions for public consumption, excuses, cover ups and ineffective accountability solutions of which none were transparent and that we have ended up paying for and going into unexplainable debt over.  Is this nuts or what?   
   The next question that we should be asking ourselves is who are the nutty ones?   Perhaps it is "us" who are "nuts" by allowing this to have happened.  You ask how could we stop them?  What I am going to say may sound quaint but stop and think about it for a moment.  We can stop them by becoming involved with the political process.  By becoming knowledgeable we empower ourselves as a society and are better able to confront those who know that a large number of us have not been paying attention for a good while.  We also empower ourselves by becoming informed voters so that we are NOT continually voting for the wrong reasons and repeating history over and over again by electing the same people who are NOT interested in representing the interests of the American people.  We as a nation have not been united in being involved in the political process but expect all of the prosperity, liberties and freedoms that our country has to offer and more! 
     As far as being knowledgeable about our government and issues, did you know that with health care for example, the first draft of the bill from the "House" was 1018 pages (I read it!)  The second from the Senate was about 2400 pages (I read this one also!)  After being pushed through by Nancy Pelosi, then Speaker of the House and Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader by cloture vote and signed by the president it is now OVER 22,000 pages with at least 159 new departments in Health and Human Services.  This was all AFTER it was passed as Nancy Pelosi said so that we could see what was in it!  What?  It was also estimated in the beginning to cost 900 billion dollars.  We are now at over 3 trillion and that is after TAKING over 700 billion dollars out of Medicare which was money taken out of the checks of hard working Americans over the course of their working careers which was NOT the governments to take to begin with! 
     THIS GOVERNMENT BELONGS TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!  IT IS OUR GOVERNMENT!  These elected officials shouldn't have any more of a say so than we do UNLESS we allow them to.   
     In order to make an informed and intelligent decision about anything and without having others make it for you either directly or through coercion and manipulation, we need to have all of the facts and details first.  Once we have all of the facts and details then our common sense should help us in arriving with the correct choice.  For a very long time we have been intentionally deprived of those facts and  details which may have affected the decisions (and probably did at some point) we have made in the past and during the course of our lifetimes.  It has also affected the lives of the people we love and care about.  The sad and most dangerous thing is that this has happened whether we have realized it or not.  Instead of being able to exercise our God given inalienable rights (which were ours to begin with) and make those decisions for ourselves, there has been a "faction" of people that believe that "ordinary" people like you and me are not capable of making our own decisions and that we as a country are not capable of self governance.
   The truth of the matter is that we are very much capable of making those decisions and that is the very fabric of what has made us the great nation that we are today.  But this is also the vary thing that those who want to fundamentally "change" American, socially engineer every aspect of our lives and completely "change" our government from the inside out and from the Constitution down also fight for everyday. They fight to keep us divided, ignorant and emotionally charged so that we will react emotionally rather than respond in an informed and intelligent way.
   We hope that what we have found will help to provide some clarity and answers.  We believe that knowledge is power and that "we the people" need to be empowered with the facts and truth in order to redress our grievances with our government and return our country to sanity.
   Thank you for joining us and we hope that you will return.